Wallet FAQ

(1) What is My Wallet?

It is a virtual wallet & linked to your sareeo’s account. You can use your wallet balance for the further purchase.

(2) How to use My Wallet?

Follow the steps to use Sareeo Wallet

  1. Login into website - www.sareeo.com and click on My Account to access your sareeo wallet.
  2. Add the items of your choice to CART and follow the checkout process - https://www.sareeo.com/pages/how-to-order
  3. Once you reach the payment option, sareeo wallet options will be shown in case you are interested to use it. After selecting My Wallet option, the amount will be auto-deducted from your cart bill. If you shop more than your sareeo’s available wallet amount, you will have to pay balance amount. If you shop less than sareeo’s available wallet amount, you may use the rest of sareeO wallet amount while placing next order.

Note: This wallet has validity that means you can use it until validity will be expired. The wallet amount can be adjustable to your next order. How much amount of SareeO credit can be used depends on policy. You may refer website for more info - www.sareeo.com

(3) Can I still pay with My Wallet if I have already applied coupon code?

 Yes, you may use your wallet balance as well as a coupon code.

(4) Can I withdraw the wallet amount to my card? Why?

The wallet amount cannot be withdrawn to any card as the system is designed to provide discount/voucher as a form of wallet.

(5) Can I transfer my wallet Balance to another sareeo account?

No, it’s not possible to transfer wallet balance to another sareeo account.

(6) How do I check my wallet balance or expiry date?

By clicking on “My Account” from the website, you may get the details of available balance and expiry date.

(7) What will happen to my money deducted from My Wallet for an unsuccessful/ invalid order?

The wallet amount will be deducted only when the order is successfully placed and sareeo team receive the amount in Bank or PayPal.

(8) I want to cancel/return an item purchased using the wallet. How and when will I get my refund?

After completing the canceled/returned order process, the amount according to the claim will be given in the wallet within 7 working days approx.

Note:  You may visit below links for Cancellation and Return/Refund policy.

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