(1) What can I do if my payment is deducted from PayPal but no confirmation is received from SareeO?

You can contact us on along with PayPal transaction receipt to get order confirmation status.

(2)  How do I pay for a SareeO purchase?

SareeO offers multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal that includes all international VISA and MasterCard. You need to enter 16 digit Credit/ Debit Card number and 3 digit CVV (Card Verification Value - available at the back of the card) code to complete the payment procedure.

(3) How can I pay via Credit Card as no PayPal account is available?

According to PayPal policy, it is compulsory to add PayPal details even if you want to pay via Credit Card.

(4) Is it safe to use Credit / Debit Card or PayPal?

SareeO does not store your payment information and all Credit/Debit card details remain confidential & private. Our trusted payment gateway use SSL encryption technology to protect all information.

(5) How do I apply coupon for my purchase?

The system will show the option to add the coupon code at the time of check out once other required details will be added. This provides an opportunity to get the products at a discounted rate.

(6) How can I purchase Gift Card from SareeO?

Go to Gift Card section from the website and choose a relevant card that you would like to buy. Add this into the cart and do proceed till payment to purchase.

(7) How many Gift Cards can be used during a single transaction?

Only a single Gift Card can be usable at a time. Please note that Gift Card amount is non-refundable.

(8) How can I use my Gift Card?

You can complete your purchase using Gift Card if it consists of sufficient balance else you can combine your Gift Card with other payment option like Credit Card or Debit Card.

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